Today’s Guidance: 11/28/16


I did not sleep well last night and woke up this morning feeling sad, which is quite uncharacteristic of me. As I went about my morning the feeling of sadness increased until it was bordering on grief. I made several phone calls to those closest to me & everyone was thankfully doing well. I then decided to pull two cards in an attempt to figure out the reason for this sadness that had descended upon me.

I drew “From the Source we have come and it is to the Source we shall one fine day return” and “Love is the key that opens every door.”

I found the first card to be very interesting because I actually did feel like someone close to me had died, so they had returned to the Source. Love is the most powerful healing energy in the universe so I realized in drawing the second card that Love would heal my sadness.

I continued to go about my day remaining perplexed about this feeling of sadness and my card draw for today. Then I went online and read that the character actor Fritz Weaver had died. I then understood the reason behind my sadness as well as this particular reading.


Hal Holbrook (l.) & Fritz Weaver (r.), “The Crate” episode from the film, “Creepshow” (1982).

Fritz Weaver was a character actor who was all over the TV and movies of the late 1970’s through the 1980’s. He was a guest on many popular TV series including “Falcon’s Crest” and “Deep Space 9.” He played a role I remember to this day in the mini-series, “Holocaust” as the patriarch of a Jewish family. He is most well-known for his roles in the feature film “Creepshow” and the cult classic, “Reanimator.”

I never realized what a fixture Mr. Weaver had become in my life through his many varied roles in film and television, so to hear of his death I was taken back to many of the shows I saw as I was growing up.

The first card of my reading for today is all about the eventuality we all face of leaving our physical bodies and returning to the Source of All. We each must do this when it is our time to do so and no one can avoid it. Yes, this is a card about death, but it is also a message of reassurance that at the time of physical death we all shall return home where we truly belong. It will be a grand reunion, not the separation most of us fear.

The second card is an important reminder that no matter the problems we encounter in our daily lives, we all need to rest assured that Love is the ultimate power in the universe. Through Love anything can be accomplished. Love truly is the key that opens every door.

When you combine the two cards into a single message it is loud and clear. Although we all must suffer separation from our loved ones at the time of death, in the end we are all eventually reunited as part of the Source; and, the energy that reunites us is our love for one another. Love transcends death.

This is the message from the angels for today.

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~ Nefer Khepri, PhD.

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