Free Reading: Pick a Card


I have drawn 3 cards at random from my forthcoming oracle deck, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm. Take a deep cleansing breath and close your eyes. Ask for a number to come to you between 1 and 3. The number that comes to you will be your card.

Each card’s message is channeled. Scroll below to read your special message for today. Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm opens for pre-orders on December 3, 2016. Ordering & pricing information will be posted to the ordering page on Dec. 3rd.


Card 1: Take back your Power by Believing in Yourself ~

Every individual is a powerful being in their own right. It is only due to your parents, authority figures, and society that you have been swayed to believe otherwise. From the very beginning of your life as a child you are placed into a subservient role. You are subject to the authority of your parents. Once your formal education begins you are further subservient to the authority of your teachers. You are taught to respect your elders. “Respect” in this context embodies their expectation that you are to do as you are told.

As you grow and mature you eventually come into your own power. You begin to make decisions for yourself and eventually the big day finally arrives when you begin to live life on your own. Despite your independence you still play a role that is subservient to others. That is simply the manner in which your society is constructed. Your boss has more authority than you do in the workplace. Your parents may still hold some authority over you as well. When you are taught your entire life to live a role that negates your personal power, how do you lay claim to it once you have the opportunity?

You do this by simply believing in yourself. Have faith in your own abilities and accomplishments. Know that you require no one’s final approval regarding your actions. Live a life of peace and harmony where others are concerned. Do no harm and no one need ever question your actions or your motives. Be assured that your power as an individual is very real. Do not allow memories of your past interfere with your self-image. Know you have the power to achieve your wishes. You have the power to organize and live your life as you see fit. Step into your own power by being your true self and realize you are a powerful being in your own right.

~ Archangel Michael

Card 2: Your body is your Temple. Honor it in all ways ~

Your body is the temple in which your Soul resides during your current physical incarnation. The Soul comes directly from The Source. It is PART of the Source, a tiny yet incredibly powerful fragment. Your Soul is that divine spark.

The body is the corporeal vessel that your Soul has for a limited amount of time. Your body is your Soul’s HOME. Think on this. What would you do if there was a knock on your door. You open the door and there is your Higher Power standing there asking for admittance. Do you gladly step aside and allow them entry or do you slam the door in their face because your house is in disarray?

Your body is your Soul’s house. It is up to you to keep your Soul’s home in order. You do this by making sure you get enough exercise. Eat a sensible diet. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Also make time for play.

When all of the above is done in balance your physical body enters a state of harmony that allows it to be the perfect abode for your Soul. Focus on taking care of yourself and once you have found a sense of equilibrium you may wish to attempt to influence those around you to focus on doing the same for themselves.

~ Archangel Raphael

Card 3: Gratitude is the Inner Light of the Soul ~

The feeling of gratitude creates within your Soul a sense of happiness and joy. Even if you have nothing you consider to be wonderful, focus on the small things. Go over your day and find a few small things for which you are grateful. The small things are special gifts that help you to further appreciate larger blessings when they come along. What were your tiny blessings today? A child’s laughter, perhaps? The purr of a cat? The sunshine? A cool drink of water that quenched your thirst? A delicious meal? Some form of entertainment?

Think on these things from your day that instill within your heart a sense of gratitude. Know as your heart feels gratitude that the light of gratitude illuminates your Soul. The light of gratitude helps your Soul to shine more brightly. As your Soul shines ever brighter know that you will serve as a beacon to others by example. They will sense or even see your inner light and may ask you, “what is so different about you today?” That will be the perfect opportunity to explain to them the blessing of gratitude.

As gratitude illuminates your own Soul, your Soul in turn, shall glow and provide others with illumination as well.

~ Archangel Raphael

I hope you have enjoyed the reading for today. I shall be posting a reading every few days so please do check back.


Nefer Khepri, PhD.

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