Mercury Retrograde Strikes!

We are in the shadow of the Mercury retrograde that begins December 19th & concludes on January 8th. This is the time communication may begin to suffer a breakdown. Mercury rules over communication. Be careful about misunderstandings & miscommunication. I informed several of my clients about this today because they were suffering from being misunderstood. I should have heeded my own advice.

Tonight at dinner my husband seriously hurt my feelings. I’ve spent most of the evening upset. The gist of the issue is that we were discussing college with our 18-year-old daughter who will be starting college in the fall. My husband was saying it’s one thing to attend college, but it’s quite another to find a field in which you will end up making a good living. He gave his banking degree as an example of thinking ahead regarding income. He is no longer a banker due to losing his job in October, 2015 & now has his own business. He has a master’s degree in Finance.

Next, he used my education as an example of parents who knew the value of a college education, but did not realize that a person’s major is very important when it comes to finding a career that will result in a good income. I hold a doctorate in Latin American Studies & my MA and BA are both in Anthropology with an emphasis on Archaeology. He used my education as an example of a “worthless degree” because I never had a serious career in my field. There are extenuating circumstances as to the reasons behind my lack of a “serious career” I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say I sacrificed opportunities in order to remain married and give birth to & raise our daughter, both of which I deemed to be more important than a career in academia.

Long ugly story short ~ there was an argument & my lovely daughter tried her best to mediate. I cleaned up the remains of dinner in silence with tears in my eyes, then I took a shower hoping to feel better. I did not.

I always counsel my students that if you are upset about something it is not a good time to consult your cards, no matter what type of deck you are using. When you read the cards upset you tend to see the worse case scenario. Yet again I did not heed my own advice, but for once that worked out in my favor.

I decided to consult my Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm oracle deck. I told the angels & spirit guides that I had been really hurt & I was still very upset. I asked them what I could do about it, and especially about feeling so depressed over the 12 years I spent in college working hard to obtain my “worthless” degree. I shuffled, cut the deck, fanned it out & quickly chose 2 cards without giving it a further thought. The cards I received brought new tears to my eyes, but they were happy tears.


The message here simply could not be any clearer.

Your team of Spirit Helpers supports you at all times.” That refers to everyone’s own personal team of angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones, & ancestors. We each walk around everyday with a team of spiritual help surrounding us whether we realize that or not. This card came as an important reminder to me that as upset as I was, I needed to remember that I am not in this alone.

The second card touched my heart.

Believe in your Self then all else shall fall neatly into place.” I had been feeling so low. I’m very happy in my life & always have been. I do not regret my decision, yet one cannot help but have “what if” thoughts once in a while. This card basically told me to pull myself up by my bootstraps & realize I am worthy, my education may not have lead me into a life of academia, but I do use it every single day in my line of work because I studied the spirituality of an ancient civilization. That opened many vistas to me that would have otherwise taken me many more years to discover on my own. One way or another, the subject matter I studied lead me straight to what I do today for a living, & I am blessed with an incredibly fulfilling career.

Taken together, the message these two cards conveyed to me is that my team of Spirit Helpers believes in me so I should believe in myself.

This reading applies to everyone. No matter how low or how alone we may feel at any given time we all need to know that our team of Spirit Helpers is with us always and they believe in each and every one of us.

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