Free Full Moon Reading

I am very honored to announce that  CAYA (Come As You Are) Pagan congregation of Oakland, CA & Portland, OR has chosen to use my Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm for this month’s full moon reading that they distributed through their newsletter.

From CAYA’s mission statement ~

CAYA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 matriarchal, eclectic, interfaith, open, drop-in congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to create safe, loving, magic(k)al space for those who wish to participate in our community rituals, public service initiatives, and social events. Our Congregation community is based on mutual respect, personal responsibility, integrity, and honor for all spiritual paths. Our Clergy gathers around the mysteries of our core Traditions, and our Congregants gather around a shared commitment to Earth-centered and polytheistic spiritualities. We hold for the highest possible good in all that we do: for ourselves, for our community, and for the world.

~ from their site:

Ravensong Phoenixfire is an Initiate who is a mere 21 days away from being ordained as Priestess as of this date, February 10, 2017. Here is her reading for tonight’s full moon.



From the newsletter of the CAYA Pagan Congregation. Cards copyright Nefer Khepri, 2016. Text of reading Copyright © 2017 CAYA Coven, All rights reserved.

Thank you to Ravensong Phoenixfire for this insightful reading using Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm. CAYA’s newsletter is available here.

Remember that tonight’s full moon will be incredibly powerful due to the lunar eclipse and the comet (visible only over parts of Africa and Europe). Enjoy tonight’s energy and be sure to set your positive intentions.

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Thank you to all who have ordered so far.

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