This is the home of my latest deck creation, Guidance and Inspiration From the Angelic Realm. Here you will learn about my creation process for this particular oracle deck. Guidance and Inspiration From the Angelic Realm consists of phrases that I channeled from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and a certain recently deceased rock star.

I have been channeling Archangel Michael since 1996. Last year he honored me with the presentation of a new healing modality I am currently teaching to others. Guidance and Inspiration From the Angelic Realm is a byproduct of those channeling sessions.

I am a Reiki master-teacher and also work with Archangel Raphael. He is the one who called me to my spiritual path many years ago in a dream, though at the time I did not understand the meaning. Years later it became clear to me as it was a dream I have never forgotten and can still vividly recall. He called on me to become a healer long before I had any inkling of the spiritual-based business I would create for myself.

As for the recently deceased rock star, their input was a surprise to me only in that I thought these cards were to only be channeled from Michael and Raphael. The original title was Guidance and Inspiration From the Archangels, but with this individual’s involvement I had to slightly revise the title. Although not an angel, this person is clearly an advanced soul who resides in the angelic realm, hence the revision to the title of my deck. Although once human, their phrases fit in very well with the phrases provided by Michael and Raphael.

I look forward to sharing my creation process with you. I will be sharing my experiences along the way.

Guidance and Inspiration From the Angelic Realm will be available for pre-order very soon and I am currently working on the accompanying guide.

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~ Nefer Khepri, PhD.

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