Free Reading: This Little Light of Mine


The card draw for today is:

Shine your Light and be an Inspiration for others ~

This card’s message is:

Everyone is full of Light. Light courses through your veins just as Light surrounds you. Know that all beings are beings of Light. You only vibrate at different rates, which is the reason humans are much more dense than angels, for example. Your Light is denser; therefore, you are easily visible. Light that travels at higher frequencies is less discernable. An angel is invisible unless it chooses to lower the vibration of its Light to allow your physical senses to detect its presence and form. 

Please know as you go on through your life that you move with Light. You send out Light with your thoughts and your emotions. This is the reason it is so important to focus on positive thoughts and emotions of higher frequencies; such as, joy, wonder, and amazement. As you send out those thoughts your thoughts travel along waves of Light. They reach others as Light that is then easily absorbed by their physical form. 

As you send out Light to others you can do intentionally, as in expressing your wish to send Light to a particular person perhaps to help them with a specific situation. You may also wish to send Light out in general to your planet as a whole. By simply modifying your intention you are able to send out Light in any way you so choose. 

The more Light you send out the brighter your own Light will shine. Soon others will be able to notice your Light. You may hear them say, “her eyes shine with an inner light,” or, “his presence makes me happy,” and other such phrases. These are but two examples of how your fellow beings will be able to sense your inner Light as you go about your day. 

The more Light you send outward to others and to your planet, the greater source of inspiration you will be to everyone around you. Why not begin to inspire others today by shining your Light? 

~ Archangels Michael & Raphael

So everyone be sure to shine brightly today & everyday. Allow others to see your inner Light your inner beauty so they can be inspired to shine as well!

Archangel Michael just told me to go to YouTube & search for Odetta singing “This Little Light of Mine.” I knew of her involvement with the American Civil Rights movement, but didn’t know she was also a singer. Michael instructed me to look for the “let it shine video.” Here she is singing “This Little Light of Mine” with an opening quote she gives us from the great spiritual author Marianne Williamson that also just happens to have perfect synchronicity with the joint message from Michael & Raphael today. Enjoy and be sure to sing along!

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