Here is an example of how my deck, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm can be used to address a problem. A good friend of my daughter is being bullied in school. My daughter asked me to ask the angels & spirit guides what her friend should do. Asking for guidance I drew two cards for her friend.


Archangel Raphael has the following message for the card entitled, “Your body is your Temple. Honor it in all ways.” ~

Your body is the temple in which your Soul resides during your current physical incarnation. The Soul comes directly from The Source. It is PART of the Source, a tiny yet incredibly powerful fragment. Your Soul is that divine spark.

The body is the corporeal vessel that your Soul has for a limited amount of time. Your body is your Soul’s HOME. Think on this. What would you do if there was a knock on your door. You open the door and there is your Higher Power standing there asking for admittance. Do you gladly step aside and allow them entry or do you slam the door in their face because your house is in disarray?

Your body is your Soul’s house. It is up to you to keep your Soul’s home in order. You do this by making sure you get enough exercise. Eat a sensible diet. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Also make time for play.

When all of the above is done in balance your physical body enters a state of harmony that allows it to be the perfect abode for your Soul. Focus on taking care of yourself and once you have found a sense of equilibrium you may wish to attempt to influence those around you to focus on doing the same for themselves.

~ Archangel Raphael

Although this cad is about taking care of your physical body, I see a deeper meaning here. I told my daughter to tell her friend that we all need to be careful what sort of people we associate with because they can become a drain on our energy. This card is an important reminder of the Divine Spark that resides within each of us & that we should value ourselves.

My daughter then told me this girl who is bothering her friend was once a friend to them both, but turned on the other girl over a boy they both liked. Now the other girl picks on my daughter’s friend at every opportunity. I told my daughter to tell her friend to be careful with whom she associates from now on & to always remember a bit of the Divine lives within her & she is too valuable to put up with that sort of treatment & should stand up to the girl.

The second card entitled “In order to receive healing energy receptivity is required” is also channeled from Archangel Raphael. His message for this card reads as follows:

It is customary to pray and to send healing energy to those who are in need of such. You have been taught and shown this is the right thing to do when a person is either ill or is suffering in some manner. Yes, it is only right to pray for others and to send them positive energy, but do you ever consider that they may not yet be ready to receive? 

Many people suffer for a reason. They are either learning a lesson through their suffering and pain or their soul has entered into a contract to live through this type of an experience at this time in their life. They may not be ready to receive positive energy and they may not wish for others to hold them in prayer. 

What is to be done in such a case? 

What you can do for them is to hold the afflicted in your heart and your mind. See them surrounded by white or gold light as you visualize them as being healthy and happy. In this way, when they are ready they shall open the door. Once that door is opened all of the positive energy and love you have held for this person will enter their life. It can only enter their life through a door they open themselves of their own free will. This is the manner in which all healing is accepted when it has been freely given to another. 

~ Archangel Raphael

The meaning here is fairly clear. The bully is a bully because she is wounded in some way. Perhaps she has been abused at home or maybe some other girl stole a former boyfriend away from her so now she is lashing out. Whatever the reason, in this particular case the bully needs to be viewed with some compassion because she is in need of healing, but may not realize it.

Once I explained this to my daughter she admitted to knowing that the girl’s father is an alcoholic and the mother is on medication for depression. She then realized that the girl’s home life has been affecting her behavior at school and this was the true reason she was bullying her friend.

I told my daughter that her friend needs to stand up to the bully and inform her she will not tolerate this type of behavior from her for any reason. I told my daughter she is not required to be friends with the bully, but that perhaps she ought to think of a way for others to step in to lend some type of support to the girl so she doesn’t feel so alone.

The next day when my daughter came home from school she had news about this situation. She had explained to her friend everything I had told my daughter in the reading. Her friend could see the logic behind the approach so when the girl began to make fun of her during lunch that day my daughter’s friend stood up to her and said she did nothing to deserve such behavior. Other students chimed in as well and another student stepped forward to say that perhaps they all ought to examine the reasons as to why this girl decided to bully my daughter’s friend, that perhaps she isn’t a mean person, but it may be a cry for help.

The school counselor was involved at this point and the girl who had been bullying others was taken to the counselor’s office to discuss the matter. Later in the day my daughter heard that the bully had apologized to her friend. We are now hopeful that through the involvement of the school counselor that this girl will receive some help so she no longer feels the need to resort to bullying others.

Sadly, not all bullying situations work out as well as this one has. If you know of someone who is being bullied please do involve the school administration. No child should tolerate such abuse from anyone. Parents, if your child is complaining of being bullied, PLEASE go to the school administration about the matter & demand that they do something about it. Most schools these days take bullying as a very serious offense and they will step in to deal with the matter.

Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm opens for pre-orders tomorrow, December 3, 2016. Ordering information will be posted on the ordering page tomorrow.


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